Chapter One of The Life Machine


Chapter one:The life Machine

Two men were standing in a dull and damp room .One of the persons had white hair,he looked very excited and the other was blond,he looked scared but a bit excited.

The room they were standing in had no windows ,no decorations and no wallpapers but it did have a electronic door,the room was lighted by one small bulb situated in the middle of the roof and the room had no furniture except two half cracked chair lying on a corner.

The two men were standing in front of a large machine with a large monitor,two large devices on the right side,one small device on the left which was connected to the rest of the device with one small wire ,one device in front of the monitor with lot buttons and a keyboard ,close to the machine on both sides were bid,flat plate like structures one of them had a round glass above it and the glass was joined at the roof in a dome like structure ,the glass had a door too.

The blond haired person said,”Professor are you sure it dosen`t needs any modification,what if its not ready yet”.

Professor said,”Yes,Dave i am sure it is ready”.

Dave said,”What if”.

“NO”said the professor cutting in.

Dave said “Fine”,after some hesitating a bit.

Both men started working on the life machine. While working professor said “Those morons are gonna rue the day they cut off our funding after seeing the life machine work “.

Dave said,” I am sure the community will sir after working in secrecy all this time it is finally gonna bear its fruit.We are going to be very rich and we might even get our revenge”.

Then they kept on working in silence.After a while they both stopped and the professor said,”You may do the honor,Dave”.

Dave said thank you and proudly pressed the enter button on the keyboard.As soon as the button was pressed a creature began to take shape on the plate like device with no glass.

When only the bottom of its legs have taken shape Dave squeaked and said,”Stop it ,it looks dangerous”.

Professor said,”Don`t be a baby Dave you already know that the small device on the left side will prevent it from using its AI more than needed or harm us in any way or do anything against our orders so calm down and its supposed to look dangerous that’s the reason i have named it ‘doom‘ anyway its going to take some time so sit down”.

Saying this he sat down on one of the half cracked chairs lying in a corner.

As soon as he sat down he said,”Oh!This chair is really uncomfortable,standing is better than sitting on this wrenched thing.I hate those morons for cutting us off,had to spend every single penny on security and the life machine could`t afford a nice chair”.

Dave said,”I know sir you say that every time you sit down but not much longer after this is complete we would be really rich and powerful and then you can buy yourself a nice chair”.

Professor said,”Nice chair! I would first take revenge from those morons and then take over the world by creating a army.After this work is done the whole world will bow before me i mean us so you can turn you ‘nice chair ‘ into a great chair no the greatest chair the throne chair of the ruler of the world”.

Dave said ,”But your kingdom will have to wait sire as the process is only 47% complete until now”. In a mocking tone while eying the monitor”.

In the screen stood a ferocious creature.It was Half dark and half faded with 47% written on its middle.

Seeing this the professor sighed and got ready for a long wait.After some time itching to start a conversation Dave asked,”Dooms ability to take control over anything electrical anything electrical by entering inside it and traveling through internet and wires already makes it so powerful so why does it needs laser eyes”.

Professor said,”To arouse terror in public obviously Doom`s other power cannot scare people but laser eyes can and i want to see their frightened faces before they are imprisoned and enslaved”.

At this Dave shuddered and opened his mouth but before he could say anything professor got up and went towards the plate like structure with the glass.

Dave looked at the screen the creature was now fully dark with completed written on it`s middle so Dave got up too.

Professor said something in the microphone inside the glass covered plate like structure then the creature on the other plate opened it`s eyes ,he looked the same as the one on screen but much more frightening now that he really was in front of them.

Professor said,”You know ,the Doom has a great deal of physical power in addition to the laser eyes,you wanna see”, after saying that he said something to the computer whose screen was showing everything the Doom was seeing .

After the professor has given his command,the Doom help up both of his hands then closed them in a fist and then hit the ground with them.
He hit the ground so hard that the ground shook and the spot he had hit now had a small crater like hole and long cracks around it.One of the cracks even reached the machine and the safety device.

The small safety device gave one or two sparks and started giving out smoke.The two men have been watching with wide eyes until now but now Dave`s heart gave a yelp and he wanted to scream but the terror took away his voice.

The Doom was standing still so were professor and Dave.After a few seconds Dave at last found his voice and screamed at the top of his voice.As soon as he screamed the Doom shot him with his laser eyes,one of them hit him on his shoulders ,the other passed by without touching him and he fell down.
Apparently the Doom didn`t need a targeting system and his accuracy was not good.The professor was still inside the glass room he was just standing there looking lifeless.
The doom went inside the life machine taking no notice of the professor.Now Dave regained his consciousness and called out,”Professor,Professor”.
The professor didn`t respond but after he said that electricity passed through the glass room and the professor dropped dead without even saying saying a word.
Computers voice came,”Are you sure you want to create 1000 units of Doom”. The same thing was written on the screen after the computer finished its sentence it started creating the first unit of Doom.
Dave cried,”Block all connections and shutdown”. The computer asked,”are you sure you want to…”. But before the computer could complete its sentence,Dave hastily said,”YES”.After a second the screen was blank. Dave went towards the professor while keeping one hand on his shoulder to stop the bleeding and said,”professor the doom is trapped inside the machine,what should i do now professor professor.
Dave was shaking the professor`s body while saying that but he realized now that it was of no use.Dave waited a minute thinking and then he determined something and said,”Security lock-down and self-destruct the life machine”.
The computer asked,”Are you sure you want to go on security lock-down and destroy the machine” but there was no reply.The computer repeated still no reply.
Too much of Dave`s blood had oozed out…


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